Certification is a voluntary initiative, but for companies it is an instrument for leveraging competitive advantage and a guarantee of results that promotes confidence in dealings with customers and partners.

Product certification is a mark of quality giving proof that a product’s characteristics -quality, safety, durability, and fitness for purpose – comply not only with the requirements of the relevant French or European standards but also with the additional requirements of certification baselines.


Voluntary certification is performed by certifying bodies accredited by France’s accreditation committee, COFRAC. The marks attributed:
1. guarantee that the product’s performance is checked continuously by the manufacturer and periodically by the certifying body,
2. serve as proof that requirements are met,
3. guarantee that the products concerned are fit for building works in accordance with the applicable rules of the art (standards, codes of practice, etc.)
Cerib is accredited to issue certifications (COFRAC accreditation No. 5-0002 – scope available at www.cofrac.fr), isa certifying body for one QualiF-IB mark, and has been appointed by AFNOR Certification for 26 NF marks, mostly for precast concrete products. It is also an inspection body for CSTB, a French building research establishment (1 NF mark and 1 CSTBat mark).

Under a partnership with ProFrance, Cerib also issues the Origine France Garantie® (guaranteed made in France) label for precast concrete products.

Voluntary certification marks can be displayed alongside CE marking