To promote the precast concrete industry and strengthen links with specifiers in construction, Cerib organizes what it calls ‘Les matinales’ morning sessions.

Created in 2010 on the request of the precast concrete products federation (Fédération de l’Industrie du Béton – FIB), the ‘Matinales’ morning sessions address different issues that draw attention to the advantages of precast-concrete products and construction systems in sustainable construction and development:

  • Buildings: BBC low-energy buildings – RT2012 thermal design code and RBR2020 ‘responsive building’ work group – RAGE environmental compliance upgrade – Earthquake design, BIM, etc.
  • Sustainable sewage treatment and stormwater management
  • Public works and civil engineering
  • Road products and sustainable development
Matinale - Morning session - Cerib

Morning session in Brest (France), 2016


Given the success of these gatherings, Cerib diversified the event. In 2012 it introduced topic or event-related evening sessions such as ‘Concrete & Man’, attended by prestigious guests like architect Rudy Ricciotti. Another variations is the new ‘Breakfast’ session that was launched in 2015.


Evening session in Lille (France), 2016 with Rudy Ricciotti


In 2016 Cerib is taking innovation further, introducing a new concept: ‘Les Colloques’ is series of a mid-afternoon/evening sessions (3 pm to 7 pm) in large French cities like Paris, Lyon, and Marseille that addresses different issues (construction, roads, BIM, sustainable sewage treatment, wellbeing of building occupants, etc.).


Cerib also organizes events at its site in Épernon, e.g.:

  • in 2014, inauguration of new high-tech equipment in its Materials laboratories and the Promethee furnace at its Fire Testing Centre
  • in July 2015, its 1st Expertise & Construction day, devoted to technical and scientific interchange
  • in July 2016, the 2nd Expertise & Construction day – More info at :

Expertise & Construction Day’ 2015


Cerib also takes part in a great many national and regional events: Pollutec in Lyon, Batimat in Paris, etc.

Its experts also participe in scientific conferences throughout the world: Marc Lebrun, in Saint Petersburg, at the ICCX Russia 2015 conference, and at the IAB Science Days in Weimar, Germany, in November 2015.

Cerib at the ICCX Russia 2015 Conference

Marc Lebrun (Cerib), in Saint Petersburg, at the ICCX Russia 2015 Conference