Cerib is an Industrial Technical Centre (CTI), a centre for research and innovation. By virtue of its expertise in construction, particularly with respect to the precast concrete industry (both the material itself and precast concrete products), together with its high-tech equipment resources, it works in the interests of manufacturers and specifiers addressing this market by providing information and technical support.



Main assignments:

  • Innovation at every level, through the mobilization of human and technical resources aimed at coming up with new solutions, considerate in every respect, consistent with the issues of sustainable development, as regards materials, processes, construction systems, and services, particularly for the precast concrete industry.
  • More intense support for manufacturers to help ensure their sustainability against the backdrop of incessantly changing regulations and the emergence of new environmental, societal, and competitive imperatives.
  • Diversification and continuation of partnerships the help make Cerib a centre of excellence in the field of sustainable construction (expertise, training, certification, and standardization), metrology, and testing.
Cerib employees

Cerib employees