Regional teams

Cerib’s regional experts provide close-quarters support throughout the country, providing manufacturers and partners with their know-how and expertise.

  • Regional Quality Auditors (RQA)
    RQAs are part of the Quality, Safety, and Environment Department. In precasting plants:
    – they perform quality audits for product certification (NF mark, QualiF-IB mark), system certification, and CE marking,
    – they provide information on product and management system certification and on CE marking.
  • Occupational health, Safety, & Environment (OHSE) specialists
    The team of OHSE specialists works throughout the country, close to manufacturing sites, at the pulse of industrial issues. It facilitates espousal and deployment of risk assessment (health, safety, environment) and accident-prevention actions.
  • Regional Delegates (RD)
    Cerib’s regional delegates are the contact people for precast concrete product manufacturers and their environment. They provide all the information that the Centre makes available for their businesses, and remain attentive to their requirements. As facilitators, they are permanently in the fiield, tasked with promoting the precast concrete products industry to potential users: local authorities, public bodies, institutions, professional associations, construction partners, etc.
  • Mobile metrologists
    With its mobile laboratories, the team of metrologists works directly in manufacturing plants and laboratories throughout France and internationally, providing extensive measurement and inspection know-how.
Mobile laboratory

Metrology mobile laboratory