Concrete construction solutions have long addressed the issue of accessibility for all and, more generally, the issue of sustainable cities that offer comfortable living, with all-inclusive solutions for travel and mobility, both indoors and outdoors.


Cerib helps develop solutions:

  • Participation in the preparation of standards on accessibility, roads and pavements (detectable warning surfaces, guidance-path surfaces, surfacing, placement, slip resistance, etc.), and buildings (horizontal and vertical indoor circulation, stairs, access to equipment and facilities, etc.).
  • Testing of products
  • Preparation of reference framworks for certification, and product certification (NF Bandes d’éveil de vigilance – detectable warning surfaces, or NF Bandes de guidage – guidance-path surfaces)

In addition, for several years Cerib has been a partner for the Accessibility Awards competition (Trophées de l’Accessibilité) organized by the association Accès pour Tous.