Cerib has long-established special expertise in environmental appraisal by means of whole-life cost analysis (WLCA) applied to construction products and systems.
The major environmental issues specific to the construction sector have in recent years brought about rapid changes in the demands of the market and to standards and regulations (environmental labelling of buildings, consideration of greenhouse gases in future thermal design codes, etc.). The environmental performance of products and systems has become a strategic issue for precast concrete product manufacturers.

WLCA is deployed at the level of materials, products, construction systems, and entire buildings, both as part of the Centre’s Research and Development programme and under private-sector commitments.

It is a means of complying with:

  • requirements for declaration of the environmental performance of products, by means of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) (standards NF EN 15.804 and XP 01-064).
  • the objective of understanding and reducing the environmental impacts of a product or system and its positioning, by means of an eco-design approach.