réf. 429.E
By Carine Lachaud, Suzanne Le Thierry

Biobased materials are materials derived from biomass of plant or animal origin. This report offers an overview of biobased materials used today in t…

Keywords: biobased materials, biomass, hemp concrete, wodd fibers concrete
réf. 454.E
By Armand Leroux, Matthieu Scalliet

French standard NF EN 1992-1-1 clearly defines the rules for dimensioning slabs with regard to punching. It also allows to verify shear at the interfa…

Keywords: BNTRA EC2, floor slab, precast slab, punching
réf. 432.E
By Sophie Jacob, Thibaut Le Doeuff

Jetting resistance of concrete pipes The report 400.I V2 « Jetting resistance of pipes: state of the art » has provided data on high pressure clean w…

Keywords: concrete pipe, jet power, jetting resistance, nozzle

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