Durability of concrete structures and precast products subjected to corrosion

Mastering the durability of new structures and the need to extand the lifespan of existing constructions correspond to social issues of the highest order and are part of the principles of a circular economy. The durability of concrete structures thus occupies a central position in the normative context. This thesis works follow those of J. Mai-Nhu* and aims at extending the field of application the SDReaM-crete model by integrating mineral additions based concretes and by defining a limit state criterion based on a quantity of corroded products. An approach based on a numerical optimization of predictive computations is set up to perform reliability analyses by considering the main mechanisms related to the corrosion of reinforcement, carbonation and
chlorides. This model enables the optimization of the sizing of the concrete covers and performances by further integrating the environmental conditions as defined by the standards.
* Jonathan Mai-Nhu « Corrosion des armatures du béton : couplage carbonatation/chlorures en présence de cycles hydriques », Thèse de doctorat de l’université de Toulouse, 2013.