Modular precast concrete products for surface runoff infiltration structures

Modular precast concrete products for surface runoff infiltration structures: technical specifications

Facing the lack of specific recommendations on concrete permeable pavements in France, this study aimed to define a French technical guidelines document applicable to three products families: porous concrete pavers, concrete pavers with wide joints, and concrete grass grids. It specifies the necessary functional properties of these products, and fixes the requirements they should meet: deviations of the dimensions, abrasion resistance, mechanical performance, permeability…

A permeability test protocol has been developed to measure the permeability coefficient of the set ‘permeable products and their jointing or filling material’. A hydraulic design method of these infiltration structures is detailed, taking into account, among others parameters, a reducing factor, in order to integrate clogging and safety.

Best practices for laying and maintaining the permeable pavements are also reminded.

Keywords: Concrete pavers, infiltration, Permeability, Permeable pavement, Porous pavers, Surface runoff