Numerical analysis of structures with Block-and-beam floors and thermal breaks

It can be necessary to model with finite elements the global buildings to justify their resistance to seismic loading. This report deals with the case of buildings in which the block-and-beam floors are equipped with thermal breaks.

Shear characteristics (stiffness, resistance and behavior factor) of the ribs (longitudinally and transversally) were determined by testing. This report presents the base to achieve a numerical analysis of structures with block-and-beam floors and thermal breaks. This method take into account the flexibility introduced by thermal breaks in the traditional connection floor/wall and show their influence on the structural response (distribution of the efforts in the walls and checking the resistance of these connection points). A good numerical modeling of these ribs with their true characteristics (stiffness…) will achieve an appropriate structural design (walls and ribs wall / floor) to the seismic response of the building.