réf. 432.E
By Sophie Jacob, Thibaut Le Doeuff

Jetting resistance of concrete pipes The report 400.I V2 « Jetting resistance of pipes: state of the art » has provided data on high pressure clean w…

Keywords: concrete pipe, jet power, jetting resistance, nozzle
réf. 380.E
By Kaïs Mehiri

3D additive printing in concrete Additive manufacturing is expanding in various industrial sectors. 3D printing process already replaces, in some cas…

Keywords: 3D additive printing, additive manufacturing, Concrete products, process
réf. 387.E
By Lionel Monfront, Matthieu Scalliet, Nader Lachiheb

Design normal weight shuttering blocks masonry In July 2012, an amendment to the DTU 20.1 (French standards for execution of Masonry) was publish…

Keywords: block masonry, design, Eurocode, horizontal loading, shuttering block, vertical loading
réf. 399.E
By Alkistis Plessis-Moutafidou, Caroline Morin, Iuliana Stoian, Julien Parc

Thermal gradients in uninsulated top floor Concrete top floors can be subjected to high temperature gradients due to sunshine. This applies to un…

réf. 347.E
By Jonathan Mai-Nhu, Patrick Rougeau

This study deals with the deterioration mechanisms of concrete linked to the reinforcement corrosion and the development of a predictive model of dura…

Keywords: armatures, carbonatation, Carbonation, Chloride penetration, Concrete product, corrosion, Cover thickness, durabilité, Durability, environnement agressif, Predictive model, produits en béton

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