Reinforcement corrosion : interest of corrosion inhibitors and methodology for monitoring concrete structures

For most of the precast products, reinforcement corrosion is one of the main decisive phenomena for the lifetime of the structure. Delaying the apparition of these mechanisms and getting data to monitor the evolution of the structure is a major concern for the entire civil engineering profession.

  • Proactive solutions for the maintenance of the structures by using sensors (detection and monitoring the reinforcement corrosion, humidity sensor, pH sensor, temperature sensor) present a great interest for the contracting owners. The installation of sensors in concrete can be easy and optimized in precast industry during the production phase of concrete products.
  • For corrosion inhibitors, data found in literature indicate promising results when inhibitors are applied after initiation of corrosion due to cabonation phenomenon. Efficiency of inhibitors seems to be more controversial in a case of initiation of corrosion due to chlorides. There are few feedbacks on concrete product or structure in a long term. It is difficult now to conclude about the efficiency of cororsion inhibitors in a long term.

Solutions presented in the report concern not only the precast industry (increasing the added value of concrete products) but also the contracting owners (optimization of maintenance costs).