Advantages of the Cerib Training Centre

  • Quality approach guaranteed by certification of ongoing-training activities
  • Complete engineering apporach to meet specific demands
  • Tailored training formats: inter-company, intra-company, Professional Qualification Certificate


Training Centre’s method for meeting specific needs

To meet a customer’s specific requirements, the Cerib Training Centre sets up a complete procedure based on its skills in training engineering and its team of specialized trainers for different disciplines.

With this approach, the Centre is able to work with customers to design the training solution best suited to their requirements, taking account of:
– the situation of the company
– the issues and challenges with which it is confronted
– its targets and imperatives
– the profile of each trainee


This approach consists of 5 stages that ensure the quality of the training project:

  • Analysis of requirements with a specialist in the field
  • Design and proposal of course contents and a special training approach, or adaptation of an existing programme
  • Interchange and final validation of the proposal
  • The training course itself
  • Evaluation, follow-up, adjustments, complements, as required


The expertise of Cerib trainers can be applied to customized training in the following fields:

  • Different manufacturing phases: from selection of materials to optimization of methods
  • Concrete blocks, from the product itself to finished works, including the Quality aspect
  • Quality & safety co-ordinators for a manufacturing plant
  • Regulatory requirements and technical solutions for building
  • Sewage system life cycle: from design to handover, including the implementation aspect