For design purposes , Cerib assists project owners by providing methods and tools for assisting placement and specification.
To do so it develops programs to assist in the design and rating of products and systems:
– Separ-G for the design of precast-concrete grease interceptors and starch separators
– Separ-H for the design of precast-concrete light-liquid separators
– Voir-IB for the design of hard surfacing using different kinds of pavements (pavers, slabs)
– ODUC for the design of sewerage and drainage systems


Concrete pipes


Cerib’s acoustics experts have the equipment (noise barrier test beds, acoustic measurement systems) and know-how for analyzing free-field acoustic performance (reflection, transmission, diffraction) for noise barriers on roads or railways in accordance with current standards (S 31-089: alarm pistol test, and NF EN 1793-4, -5 and -6: ‘Adrienne’ method).
These tests are carried out under COFRAC Essais accreditation (Accreditation No. 1-0001 – scope available at, for reflection and transmission measurements only).


Concrete noise barriers